The governing board and management team of EDRIC include some of the people with the most experience anywhere in addressing the health needs of dysmelic patients, and they are actively supported by the world's foremost organisations connected with this subject.

Chair: Michaela Moik

Michaela is a thalidomide survivor and one of the founders of the Austrian Thalidomide self-help group, Selbsthilfegruppe der Contergan- und Thalidomidgeschädigten Österreichs.  She worked as a social worker in the Youth Department of Vienna and has three children.


Deputy Chair: Geoff Adams-Spink

Geoff draws upon more than half a century of lived experience with limb and other impairments cause by thalidomide.  He is an experienced communicator, campaigner and an acknowledged expert on disability affairs.  Since leaving the BBC in 2011, he has run his own company, Adams-Spink Ltd, which markets his services as an independent disability equality consultant, broadcaster, writer and public speaker. 


Secretary: Monika Eisenberg-Geginat

Monika is one of almost 3000 German thalidomide survivors.  Formerly, she was the head teacher of a school for disabled children and now works as a family therapist.  She specialises in the protection of disabled children and represents the interests of disabled employees in the town of Wesseling, Germany.


Board Member: Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth is an Australian Paralympic swimmer who won one bronze at the 1996 Summer Paralympics and a bronze and silver at the 2000 Summer Paralympics.  She was born with a congenital limb deficiency.  Her right arm is missing at the elbow, her right leg is "severely shortened" requiring the use of a prosthesis and she is lacking two fingers and the forearm bone of her left hand.


Board Member: Björn Håkansson

Björn is the President of FfdN (Föreningen för den Neurosedynskadade), the Swedish group for thalidomide survivors.  He was born with disabilities caused by thalidomide.  Björn is an experienced team leader and manager of a dysmelia patient group.  He also co-founded the Ex-Center - Europe's only specialist centre solely devoted to supporting the health needs of dysmelia patients.


Treasurer: Salvatore Giambruno

Salvatore is a long-time board member and past president of Raggiungere, , the Italian Association for children with limb deficiencies, and past president of LEDHA, a federation of 32 associations representing various disability groups in Italy.  He works as a sales manager for the touch systems division of a large international corporation.  He is the parent of a girl with dysmelia.


Board Member: Anna Rogers

Anna is a trustee and digital manager for member group PIP-UK who raise awareness and offer support to families and individuals who have Poland Syndrome.  Anna brings 15 years' of experience of working with online and digital technologies to the board.  In earlier years Anna worked as a nurse in residential and hospital care.  Currently on a career break, Anna is due to begin a Diploma in Digital Business and Transformation in May 2015.


EDRIC Officers

Chief Operating Officer: Tobias Arndt

Tobias is an IT expert and researcher with a background in online portals.  As a writer he published a range of articles in major magazines.  He is the author of books on electronic commerce and "b2b Marketplaces".  Tobias has supported thalidomide projects and campaigns in Britain, Germany and Belgium since 2007.


Medical Co-ordinator: Dr Elizabeth Horak MD, DPhil

Elizabeth is a medical consultant with a background in research and teaching; she has been a lecturer at the University of Oxford, with many publications in international medical journals.  Now she specialises in incurable conditions, where the focus is to improve the quality of life.  With an interest in psycho-social matters, especially their connection with medical problems, Elizabeth is also a trained psychotherapist.


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