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Posted on Monday 2nd July, 2012

Today DysNet is really pleased to bring you an article about Raggiungere, the Italian association for people with limb differences.  This post is also available in Italian
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Who we are
The Association was founded in 1986 by several parents of children who had limb malformations from birth or who had lost limbs through accidents.  Their meetings lead to a common desire - to help each other and to provide support for those who were in a similar situation. 
The Association is founded exclusively on voluntary assistance of the members who give their time and services.  It is registered with the Milan Provincial Registry of Voluntary Assistance and is a Non Profit Organization (ONLUS). 

Even though it is registered and also has its operations centre in the region of Lombardy, it is actively present over the entire territory of Italy, with regional delegates who are the most important local contact for members. 

Why Raggiungere
Quite often, parents have difficulty overcoming psychologically the birth of a child with limb malformations and this can lead to withdrawal and isolation.  The role of the Association is to create a virtuous circle so that different people/families with common experiences exchange opinion and assistance and in this way the multitude of difficulties that have to be faced daily can be overcome more easily. 

Over the years the Association has given parents the means for communicating with each other, to compare different experiences, to be informed on which type of help can be obtained, to keep updated on the latest developments of research, prosthesis technology, rehabilitation techniques.  It is important to remember that before Raggiungere was founded, it was almost impossible to fit a child with an artificial limb, without having to leave Italy.  Now that this obstacle has almost been overcome, through constant contact with public bodies, our efforts are aimed at overcoming the considerable number of practical difficulties that are met in trying to guarantee our children with the correct assistance, be it for prosthesis, where necessary, or for rehabilitation or even more for social support for the families. 

The activities of providing information and stimulus that Raggiungere has always carried out and continues carrying out, acting as a link between the various bodies involved in our situation have lead to the Association being today considered as the reference point for families, as well as ASL (the local health body), orthopedic technicians and doctors. 

Our aims
Raggiungere's main mission is to improve the conditions of our children's lives and, above all, their preparation to be integrated citizens, part of society, with the entitlement to rights and duties, the same as everyone else. 
One of the principal aims is to follow the developments that science and technology make at an international level in various sectors and, in addition, we encourage technological research and development of increasingly functional prostheses in Italy. 
No less important is the objective of constant improvement of the conditions of overall assistance to children and their families. 
Another fundamental objective is to promote in Italy the creation of multipurpose centers that handle the problems connected to limb deficit in all its aspects (orthopedic, surgical, technical prosthetic, rehabilitative, physiotherapeutic, psychological, etc.) as already happens in many European nations. 

Our activities
The Association carries out constant activity in contacting the members who need information, advice, and support.  In addition:
keeps the member informed of facts that interest them (new technological developments, health and technical assistance available in the health structures, legislative and regulation information, experiences of other families etc.) through a website and with a three-monthly newsletter; publishes guides and handbooks containing information for families and teachers; organises meetings with companies and public and private institutions that work in the field of prostheses; encourages knowledge and the exchange of information among members at a local level; promotes statistic surveys regarding malformations; promotes the development of a European federation of similar Associations; participates at informative events in the press, on the radio and TV; organizes fund raising activities to give the Association the means for reaching its aims. 

For more info please visit our website

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