A great children's book if your child has a visible difference

Posted on Thursday 21st February, 2013

As any parent knows, children are usually full of "why" questions. 

Candida SullivanBut parents of children who have a visible physical difference in their own appearance or disability, some "why" questions need to be handled with great care, such as when the child notices they are not the same as their peers and want to know why that is. 

Candida Sullivan's books about Zippy the Zebra can help with this.  Her new book, the second in the series, deals with the emotional struggles facing children with disabilities and tackles some of the tough spiritual questions they have.  This book comes at a time when kids are teased and bullied more than ever before. 

Candida was born with a rare condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome, which occurs when the amniotic membranes become entangled around the developing foetus and can prevent the full development of limbs.  In severe cases it can cause the baby to die before birth. 

Candida knows that it a beautiful blessing she survived and wanted to help others dealing with physical differences including amputation, scarring, and birthmarks.  In addition, her books are also aimed at helping families deal with the aftermath of surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. 

Most of all, Candida's books help those dealing with the situation of bullying. 

zippy bookCandida is the author of two other books.  Candida's first book in the Zippy series, "Zippy and the Stripes of Courage", is a story about how Zippy came to accept himself for who he is.  It teaches children to celebrate one another's differences and to treat others as they themselves want to be treated. 

Candida's book for adults, "Underneath the Scars", is a journey through her emotional and spiritual healing

The newest Zippy book deals with teasing and self-worth and contains a discussion section for parents written by a licensed counsellor. 

As an advocate of differences, Candida travels the US reading her children's book and encouraging children and adults to be tolerant of differences, while inspiring them to follow their own dreams. 

She has a blog at and a Facebook page here.

Zippy's Big Difference: ISBN-13: 978-1937331313

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