EDRIC Appoints Inspirational Speaker, Sabine Becker as Patron

Posted on Tuesday 8th October, 2013


International Limb Difference Network Appoints Inspirational Speaker, Sabine Becker, as Patron

October 8, 2013

The European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre (EDRIC) - a confederation of organisations for people affected by dysmelia - has agreed to appoint Sabine Becker, a German-born US citizen, as its fourth patron. 

Ms Becker is a thalidomide survivor who moved to the US during adulthood and has taken American citizenship.  As well as having severely shortened upper limbs, she recently survived a major stroke from which she is now almost completely recovered.  She works as an inspirational speaker, sharing her experiences of overcoming adversity. 

She joins Swedish motivational speaker, Mikael Andersson, former US paralympian, Bonnie St John, and British artist, Alison Lapper, in the line-up of EDRIC patrons. 

Sabine Becker said:

"I am happy to see that there is finally an information site for people with limb deficiencies.  Growing up without arms would have been easier, if we'd had such a vast source of information and peer support available to us.  I am honoured to be part of EDRIC and to make a difference in people's lives who are affected by upper limb deficiency."

EDRIC was founded by two of Europe's leading groups representing thalidomide survivors - the UK-based Thalidomide Trust and the Swedish FfdN.  Its aim is to give everyone affected by the variety of extremely rare conditions that come under the generic title, dysmelia, the most accurate, up-to-date and reliable information about their condition.  Having already established a peer-to-peer support network, DysNet, the organisation is now building a parallel network for experts in dysmelia. 

EDRIC's Chairman Geoff Adams-Spink commented:

"I'm so pleased that Sabine has agreed to assist us.  She was already an extraordinary and exemplary individual before having her stroke.  Now, she has proved that her abilities to adapt and survive are an essential tool in overcoming the further impairments that have resulted from her stroke.  She is an example both to her peers and to younger people affected by dysmelia who may well be wondering how to get on in life."

Ms Becker takes up her appointment as patron immediately. 


Notes for editors:

· For further information and to arrange interviews, contact EDRIC's Media Manager, Caroline George on +44 7715 559125 or caroline.george@edric.eu
· Sabine Becker's website is at: and is on Twitter @SabineBecker5.  She can be interviewed in English or German. 
· EDRIC - the European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre - is a pan-European, not-for-profit organisation registered in Sweden.  It is governed by a board of seven individuals, six of whom have lived experience of Dysmelia. 
· EDRIC has 23 member organisations representing people in 18 countries. 
· Dysmelia is a generic term for a group of extremely rare conditions - for example thalidomide syndrome, Poland syndrome and polydactyly.  The DysNet website has a full list of conditions. 
· DysNet is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.  It also has a multi-lingual (EN, DE, IT, FR, ES) forum, RareConnect, hosted by EURORDIS and NORD, the European and North American rare disease umbrella bodies.


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