EDRIC joins The Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group

Posted on Wednesday 31st October, 2012

Yesterday evening, EDRIC was delighted to attend a meeting at the UK parliament of the Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group (APLLG) and is honoured to be its newest associate member. 

The meeting was attended by representatives from organisations concerned with helping people who are living with limb deficiency, both congenital and acquired through amputation.  They are doing great work, feeding back information and highlighting concerns to the parliamentarians present, who last night included influential disability rights and equality campaigner, Dame Ann Begg; Lord Chris Rennard; Paralympian, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Cheryl Gillan, MP, who previously steered the Autism Act through parliament in 2009. 

During the session, the group named Trustee of the Limbless Association, John Reid, as "Patient with Limb Loss Champion" for 2012 for his active role in highlighting flaws in Personal Independence Payments, a new system of financial support for people with disabilities that the UK government is introducing to replace the existing Disability Living Allowance.  The changes have caused uproar in the UK disability community because many people face losing vital financial support under new rules that judge them 'fit for work', despite their impairments.  It's clear to campaigners that PIP will lead to hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities being impoverished, disempowered and in great distress as they lose mobility and living allowances that enable them to survive. 

EDRIC membersThe meeting was a chance to catch up with several of our EDRIC members, Gary Phillips from Reach and Eddie Freeman and Clare Elvins from The Thalidomide Society, who are also associate members of the APLLG. 

Meanwhile, APLLG Advocate, Sam Gallop CBE, a World War II pilot who is a double amputee, has prepared a discussion paper entitled, "Limb Loss of Personal Independence - Conflicts between artificial limb wearing and quality of life", that makes very interesting reading. 

"Due to the welcome success of the Paralympics many persons who have not been amputated or had congenital limb loss - including some with medical qualifications - have optimistic and unrealistic ideas of the day-to-day quality of life for people of all ages who have lost a limb and who wear an artificial limb or limbs or who cannot wear artificial limb(s).  This discussion note seeks to inform all concerned, including amputees who are perhaps being made to feel via the media or well-meaning significant others that they are not doing as well as they should be."

A pdf version of the paper can be downloaded here

Read more about the Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group at this link.

EDRIC and DysNet look forward to working closely with members of the APLLG in the future and on the forthcoming European Limb Loss Day being held on 3rd December 2012. 

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Gary Phillips, Reach

Gary Phillips, Reach

Wednesday 18th October, 2017 @ 9:25 pm
Reach welcome EDRIC joining APLLG and look forward to their participation.

I hope EDRIC will have the opportunity to join similar groups in other European Governments.


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