EDRIC UK Member, Reach, Launches Joint Venture With STEPS

Posted on Monday 19th May, 2014

In an exciting development for limb difference in the UK, our member, Reach, is joining forces with STEPS to assist children with both upper and lower limb difference.  Who knows, other countries might want to follow their example?

The two UK charities for children with limb conditions, Reach - Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency and STEPS Charity Worldwide will be launching a new joint website at the Primary Care and Public Health Conference at the NEC on Wed 21 May 2014.  It is aimed at providing information and signposts to healthcare professionals when they are faced with new parents who are affected by limb conditions. 

Reach and STEPS join forces for limb difference
Reach and STEPS join forces for limb difference

'It is hoped that the new website will become the one stop signpost for all information about children and limb conditions,' stated Vice Chairman of Reach, Gary Phillips, one of the driving forces behind the joint venture.  'We hope it will help doctors, midwifes and health visitors to locate information on limb conditions quicker and easier and be able to pass on the details to families when they most need support that our charities can offer.'

Visitors to the website will be able to select the type of limb condition they wish to know more about and by clicking the relevant section will be directed to the specific pages of the either Reach's or STEPS' main websites. 

The website will be launched at the conference and you will be able to pick up postcards and stickers giving you details of the venture from their stand in the exhibition hall. 

CEO of STEPS, Tim McLachlan, who proposed the joint website idea, said, 'we are really pleased to be working together to get our messages out to as many healthcare professionals as possible.  We share a number of goals with Reach and we were delighted they agreed to be part of this joint venture'.  He added 'with information overload for professionals we hope that the website address will be easy to give to parents when they are told that their child is affected by a limb condition including hip dysplasia.'

The web address is


Note to Editors:
Reach Charity Ltd (Reach - Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency) is a UK based charity.  Registered Charity No 1134544 Company No 07054164. 
Further information can be obtained from their website
Contact for Reach: Jo Dixon, National Co-ordinator on 0845 1306225 or email
Steps Charity Worldwide is a UK based charity.  Registered Charity No 1094343 Company No 4379997
Further information can be obtained from their website
Contact for Steps: Tim McLachlan, CEO on 01925 750 271 or email

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