Keep Paralympic Fever going for the Junior Games At Stoke Mandeville!

Posted on Wednesday 5th September, 2012

Paralympic fever is still at a peak but when the games finish on the 9th, there's a great reason to keep the enthusiasm going. 

limbpowerFollowing the huge success of the Amputee Games at the Stoke Mandeville stadium earlier this year, UK charity, LimbPower are holding a version for children and young people on 15th and 16th September. 
The inaugural Primary & Junior Games will also be held at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the birthplace of the Paralympics.  This exciting event will introduce young amputees and the young ambulant disabled to a range of sporting activities in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment. 

On Saturday 15th September six to 11 year olds will have a chance to try out a variety of sports including athletics, cycling, football, table tennis, tennis and swimming under the guidance of experienced mentors and instructors.  The emphasis is on fun while encouraging the children to have a go at sports and socialise with their peers. 

The following day, the older children aged between 11-18 will be able to have a go at key Paralympic sports, with instruction from qualified coaches and experienced athletes.  They will be able to try out a wide range of sports including; athletics, Powerlifting, basketball, sitting volleyball, archery, football, cycling, fencing, shooting, table tennis, swimming and tennis.  They will be able to have fun and also perhaps find some hidden talents.  We may even discover the Paralympians of the future!

The event is being organised by Limbpower founder Kiera Roche, herself an amputee.  She said, "We're thrilled to be able to offer the same opportunities to children that we have been offering to adults at the Amputee Games.  We've had so much interest from young amputees over the years, and we're really looking forward to seeing how they get on with the sports that will be on offer."

jodyParalympic cycling medalist, Jody Cundy said, "When I was young, something like the Junior Games didn't exist, but I was fortunate enough to be able to discover sports and compete against other able-bodied kids.  However, I know that unfortunately, there are many kids who weren't so lucky and have never had this chance and so it's great that something like the Junior Games exists now to get more young amputees and the young ambulant disabled to discover a range of different sporting activities! You don't have to be super-fit or competitive to enjoy sports, you can just come along, be part of it and maybe make new friends along the way as well.  Having said that, we might unearth some future Paralympians!"

The Primary & Junior Games will help young amputees to learn new skills, have fun and importantly to discover their potential through sport. 

reidParalympic long-jumper and 2012 silver medallist, Stefanie Reid said, "Participation in the Junior Games is so vital in the devleopment of athletes.  Of course, the athletes will learn new skills and competition tactics, but the most important thing they will learn is that sport is fun.  This is the most important and fundatmental lesson in sport as it ensures lifelong partcipation at the recreational level, and encourages the development of motivated and emotionally sound athletes at an elite level. 

"Participation in sport literally changed my life.  I lost part of my right leg in a boating accident when I was 16.  Dealing with a disability is very difficult.  It wasn't until I starting running that I finally returned to the confident and sparky teenager I used to be.  Sport taught me to be proud of my body again, and helped me to accept and deal with accident.  It encouraged me to accept new challenges, and reminded me that I really can do anything!"

It's not too late to take part.  Anyone interested should contact Kiera Roche from LimbPower on: 07502 276858 or Alternatively registration forms can be downloaded from the website at

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