Kim - prosthetic hand for a congenital limb difference patient

Posted on Monday 4th August, 2014

"When I was out in public, I tended to try and hide my hook to avoid unwanted attention, which resulted in poor posture.  With livingskin, no one knows that this isn't my real arm, so I always stand up straight when I'm wearing it...  it's a confidence thing.  I used to get a lot more space in public when I was wearing my hook than I do when I'm wearing my livingskin! But that just shows how much I blend in now - my disability is invisible when I'm wearing it."
Kim - prosthetic hand for a congenital limb difference patient

Kim is congenitally missing her right arm at the elbow.  Aged just 18 months, she was fitted with her first prosthetic device - a passive arm.  At three she was fitted with a body powered hook and elbow device, variations of which she used for the next 30 years. 
In 1990, Kim went to work as a prosthetic technician for a developer of myoelectric prosthetic devices, and, although she worked as a patient ambassador for Touch Bionics, she was never tempted to opt for a myoelectric solution for herself. 
A keen gardener, Kim still uses her hook device to help her in the garden and for everyday household tasks, but her livingskin device is much more functional than she ever thought possible. 
From a functional perspective, Kim now uses her livingskin device to stabilize and carry papers and charts at work.  She can also pull the lever on the coffee machine, hold plates and carry grocery bags. 

For more information: Touch Bionics


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