Limb Difference charity, Reach, is supporting European Limb Loss Day

Posted on Wednesday 21st November, 2012

Reach LogoUK upper limb deficiency charity, Reach, says it's fully supporting European Limb Loss Day.  The day is being marked for the second year and follows the theme of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities,
which is held on the same day, of "Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all."

Vice Chairman of Reach Gary Phillips, said "Reach are pleased to support the European Limb Loss Day, allowing us to join forces with likeminded organisations across Europe to raise the awareness of the issues that people face who are affected by limb difference.  These issues can be overwhelming and complex particularly with children as they are also dealing with growing up and all the pressures that involves, as well as coping with their limb difference or loss"

Charlotte Fielder MBE
Charlotte Fielder MBE
Charlotte Fielder MBE, who has raised many thousands of pounds for Reach is also welcoming European Limb Loss Day. 

Mrs Fielder, who is also a Director of EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre) that runs the DysNet global online limb difference network, said she was really excited that so many organisations were coming together to make their voices heard about living with limb deficiency. 

"Wow, just wow, that we limb different people, all across Europe, now have our own special day.  What's so wonderful about this day is that it doesn't matter whether we were born with limb loss or we lost a limb later on - we all have a common understanding about the challenges and issues of living with limb difference.  So from me who was born with a missing hand, to the child who has lost arms through meningitis, to the soldier who has lost a leg in Afghanistan, we all unite under one umbrella.  There is strength in numbers and joining together we are stronger."

Reach are members of EDRIC, which runs the DysNet Limb Difference Network.  If your child if affected by an upper limb deficiency, you can find the Reach website at

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