New Italian Board Member Appointed to International Disability Organisation for Limb Difference

Posted on Wednesday 21st May, 2014


May 21, 2014: EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre), an international disability organisation that helps people affected by congenital limb difference (known as dysmelia), has appointed a new board member, bringing the total to seven.

Giuliana Corrado is an experienced psychologist who works closely with the Italian thalidomide organisation, TAI Onlus.  She joins six existing board members, five of whom have congenital limb differences themselves, and one of whom is the father of a dysmelic child. 
Giuliana Corrado
Ms Corrado has a background in training, communication, education, motivational interviews, career and vocational counselling, health promotion and social projects.  As well as her masters degree in psychology and non-profit management from the University of Padova, she also has an MSc in health psychology from London's City University

EDRIC chairman, Geoff Adams-Spink, said: "I'm really happy that EDRIC has attracted a candidate for board membership with such impressive qualifications for the job.  Giuliana is going to be a great asset to the organisation and will bring much-needed professional and linguistic experience and knowledge to our group.  In particular, we're very keen that our social media presence reflects the languages in which we currently operate."

Giuliana Corrado said, "I feel very fortunate to be joining such a dedicated and impressive team of people.  EDRIC's mission is to connect everyone affected by congenital limb difference and I am now ready to play my part in helping it towards its goal.  I can see, from my experience with TAI Onlus, that people have a much stronger voice when they act together and present a united front to the world."

EDRIC now has 24 member organisations in 17 (mainly European) countries - representing more than 5,000 people with the group of extremely rare conditions that come under the generic term, dysmelia. 

The organisation has used online and social media tools to expand rapidly in the past two years.  It is planning to hold a major conference in Sweden next year and is about to embark upon a micro-donation campaign which will raise money to assist parents who are faced with a diagnosis of dysmelia at the scan stage of pregnancy. 

EDRIC's online presence is via its 'Dysmelia Network' or DysNet.  Its website is now in five languages (EN, IT, DE, ES and FR).  In addition to mainstream social media channels, it has a secure and moderated forum with human translation called RareConnect which is run by EURORDIS and NORD, the European and North American rare disease umbrella bodies. 


For more information, please contact Geoff Adams-Spink at or call +44 7711898787. 
For information in Italian, contact Giuliana Corrado via or call +39 328 1821159. 
The EDRIC/DysNet website is at .  Twitter: @DysNet_org.  Facebook:
Dysmelia is the medical term for congenital limb deficiency.  It covers a wide range of rare conditions.

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