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Posted on Friday 31st August, 2012

DysNet ThumbnailThe long-anticipated opening ceremony has been and gone and now it's down to the Paralympians to show just why they're the best in the world at their sport. 

One thing is certain however - the competitors are not special because of their various disabilities, they are special because of their athletic abilities, their determination to push themselves to their limits and beyond, and their dedication to keep training, day after day to try to be the best.  In this, they are exactly the same as any able-bodied Olympic athlete. 

Their back stories may inspire, but as they prepare for their events, the competitors are not thinking about how much more they have had to overcome than a non-disabled person, just to get to the start line.  All that is on their minds is performing to the best level they can at the time that matters. 

Just as Channel 4's 'Meet the Superhumans' trailer implies, they should not be confused with ordinary mortals, with or without disabilities.  They are special and we should celebrate everything they achieve in the next few weeks. 

So this week's stories are Paralympic-laden, including a look behind the scenes at the Ottobock on-site workshop.  Also a special mention for our new board member, Charlotte Fielder MBE, and to our patron, Alison Lapper, who was memorably depicted in grand style at the culmination of the Opening Ceremony. 

Enjoy the stories and if you want to comment about the paralympics, pop over to our RareConnect secure forum

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