Relay of solidarity - The story of a wonderful day

Posted on Thursday 6th June, 2013

On Sunday 26th May, the fourth running of the "Staffetta della solidarieta: tutti per 1km" (Relay of solidarity: all for 1km) took place.  This event, organised by the Centro Atletica Piombino (Piombino Athletics Centre) in support of the association Raggiungere relies every year on tens of volunteers, sports fans and many other visitors. 

The relay involves covering 100km around the track, in legs of 1km, using whatever technique is preferred: walking, running, in wheelchair/pram or on hand bike. 

The whole city rallies for this event.  So it is not only a sporting event, but it also includes entertainment for children, live music and exhibitions of hip hop and break dance put on by very capable dancers from the Soul of Dance Dancing School.  In addition there is good food and the opportunity to try various types of sporting disciplines with trainers from the Piombino Athletics Centre. 

It is really difficult to express the emotions that we experienced.  Above all is astonishment.  The whole city gets involved and rallies around our association, dozens of people donate their spare time and their energy, with only thoughts of the well-being of the participants.  And it's not unusual for a woman to come up to us, with a freshly baked cake in her hands and ask; "how can I be useful?" and then see her engulfed in a booth by a group of chatty and smiling volunteers. 

This year schools participated as well, involved by Armando Mansani, organiser and teachers of gymnastics at the high school in Piombino.  Each class ran 1km.  Firemen entertained the children with games, and allowed them to try the exciting experience of shooting water at a target. 

Our Raggiungere group was compact and numerous, bewildered and amazed, We walked through our 1km stretch, led by little 3 year old Livia, who trotted along with no sign of tiredness, urged on by the public, keeping a pace that put all of us adults to the test. 

And finally the last 100 metres, covered by the children of Piombino, led by Caterina and Alessia, the testimonials of Raggiungere, so proud and happy while holding the baton.

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