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Posted on Monday 10th December, 2012

An exciting enterprise that aims to brighten up the look of prosthetic limbs is gathering momentum since being featured during the Paralympics. 

Sophie in workshopThe Alternative Limb Project was founded by Sophie De Oliveira Barata in August 2011, with the intention of bringing imagination and creativity to the otherwise staid world of artificial limbs. 

The philosophy is that an alternative-style limb cover can not only delight the eye but also help to break down social barriers and provide an unusual talking point.  Alt Limb Pro can create a unique cover for your prosthetic, working with you and your prosthetist to help realise your ideas, whatever they may be. 

Alt Limb Pro received a considerable amount of exposure recently when their creations featured in the 2012 Paralympic Games: a Swarovski-sponsored crystallized leg for the 'Ice Queen sequence' in the closing ceremony and a leg cover that lit up like a laser for one of the torch bearers, Gemma Trotter. 
Gemma said, "My leg is so much cooler than I could have ever imagined "

crystal leg - alt limb proTheir work was also on show at the recent 'Spare Parts' exhibition in London (thought to be the first exhibition of its kind), provoking a lot of interest from amputees both in the UK and abroad. 

LimbPower's Kiera Roche said, "I've had an incredible response to the leg from other amputees and able-bodied people...  I think losing a limb has a massive impact on one's self esteem and body image.  I love wearing the leg that Sophie designed for me, although at first, the same fear of being different does enter your head, but it's being different in a positive way.  Having a beautifully crafted limb designed for you makes you feel special and worthy"

Alt Limb Pro is currently working with private clinics Pace and ProActive Prosthetics in the UK, however if this is not your clinic don't despair they may still be able to work with you. 

For more information please visit or email

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