The EX-Center, Sweden's innovative rehab centre

Posted on Monday 16th July, 2012

The Swedish-based EX-Center is a world-renowned centre for rehabilitation and information, that aims to help children and adults with multiple limb disabilities, whether congenital or acquired through amputation. 

Ex-Center copyrightFounded in Stockholm in 1993, the EX-Center is run by the Red Cross Hospital and the Swedish Thalidomide Society. 
Its habilitation and rehabilitation work is done from an all-inclusive perspective, with knowledge-developing efforts and distributation of information. 

The Ex-Center welcomes anyone who has multiple limb-loss.  They offer assessments and lifelong treatment and help people from both Sweden and overseas.  Their multi-disciplinary team include orthopaedic doctors, occupational and physical therapists and psychologists as well as working closely with prosthetists. 

Their coordinated approach is person-centred, with the patient's needs and wishes determining the treatment. 
One of their most welcomed approaches if the involvement of role models - coordinating meetings between new patients and other people with similar disabilities who are willing to share some of their experiences.  They have found this is especially useful for parents of children with limb deficiencies. 
Ex-center copyright
The Ex-Center is well known across the world for its expertise and its team helps with:

  • obtaining medical certification
  • providing information about special adaptations, assistive technology and practical tips,
  • supplying prescriptions for arm and leg prostheses, as well as helping with trying them out and with prosthesis training
  • providing physical therapy treat ment and designing an individual training programme
  • a diving on pain management
  • modifications to home, car, school and work environments
  • supplying psychological support for different stages of life
  • giving suggestions and adaptations for leisure-time activities ...  and much more!

For more information about the referral process please contact the Ex-Center's Patient coordinator, Marie Wikström Phone: +46 8 791 14 67 or email her at marie.wikstrom@ex-center.org.  Website:

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