The technical team that keeps the Paralympians well oiled

Posted on Thursday 30th August, 2012

After last night's opening ceremony, the Paralympics are well and truly underway.  But for many participants, it's not just their bodies to be kept in top condition, but their prosthetics or their wheelchairs as well. 

Courtesy OttobockThe London 2012 Paralympic Games will be the 12th where leading prosthetics company, Ottobock, has provided a team of technicians to service the mobility equipment used by Paralympians to compete.  Athletes know they can rely on Ottobock's experience to ensure that many years of training and preparation do not end in disappointment because of poor equipment maintenance or repair. 

Often compared to the pit lane in motorsport, the workshop is a hive of activity as technicians race to carry out essential repairs.  With thousands of athletes competing in 20 different sports all using equipment fine-tuned to meet their individual needs every repair is different and unpredictable.As a result, Ottobock technicians enjoy a close relationship with the Paralympic athletes they have supported and the workshop has now become a focal point of the Games, where returning athletes and technicians reunite. 

courtesy OttobockOttobock has a team of 80 prosthetists, orthotists and wheelchair technicians in the Paralympic Village and beside the field of play in nine competition venues providing an essential Games time service that is unique to Paralympic competition.  The team includes 12 welders. 
Over 15,000 spare parts and 13 tonnes of equipment will be set up in two days ready for the workshops to open on August 22nd and operate 24/7 until the end of the Games. 

With more than 4,200 athletes from 150 countries competing, it is expected that more than 2,000 athletes will need to visit one of the workshops.  This will provide the Ottobock technical service team with a unique perspective as the Paralympic athletes make their final preparations and compete. 

Ottobock has been a partner to the Paralympic Games since the Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games.  This year, the Ottobock Technical Service Team includes 15 members from Great Britain working alongside colleagues from Australia, Belgium, Japan, Germany, China, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland and Argentina. 

Good luck to them all and to all the competitors, from everyone at DysNet!

Find Ottobock's website at this link

Images are courtesy of Ottobock.

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