What is EDRIC?

EDRIC EDRIC (European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre) is registered in Stockholm as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) under Swedish Law.
Date of Registration 7th January 2009.
Registration Number: 802444-3015.

EDRIC was developed as a result of collaboration between Föreningen för de Neurosedynskadade (FfdN) from Sweden, the innovative Ex-Center, also from Sweden, and the Thalidomide Trust from the UK.  It builds on the successful work carried out in their respective nations.  These bodies have been actively supporting people with dysmelia for more than 30 years with access to specialist medical expertise.

EDRIC was created to find solutions to the complex needs of members of the UK and Swedish thalidomide groups which were becoming more evident as a result of the effects of premature ageing.  EDRIC's vision is based on experience that shows information about dysmelia needs to be networked internationally in order to provide effective support on a local level because no single nation possesses adequate knowledge and capacity to deal effectively with the needs of this group.

EDRIC is governed by a Board of Directors: two from the UK, one from Sweden, one from Austria, one from Italy and two from Germany.  Six of the board members have lived experience of dysmelia while the seventh is the parent of a dysmelic child.

Since the launch of DysNet in May 2012, EDRIC's member-base has been rapidly expanding, which means that our increased breadth of experience is fast becoming a powerful force for improving the lives of anyone who lives with a limb deficiency, whether congenital or as a result of trauma or illness.

This is important because together our voice is stronger and we can work collaboratively across borders to tackle inequalities, lack of access to resources and share information about medical expertise.
It is also empowering to be part of a larger whole and we are keen to be as inclusive and representative as possible.

If you are a registered organisation that represents people with limb difference of any sort, anywhere in the world and would like to become an EDRIC member, please get in touch.

The Benefits of membership include:

  • Giving your members access to the widest possible network of others with similar conditions
  • Access to expert knowledge about limb difference conditions
  • Participation in the running of EDRIC.  Organisational members of EDRIC have voting rights and can help to influence the organisation's future direction
  • EDRIC members benefit from subsidised access to our international conferences

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