DysNet and Rare Disease Day 2013

Rare Disease Day 2013

Rare Disease Day was on 28 February, 2013.

This was led by our partners, EURORDIS, of which we're proud to be a member.  Dysmelia of all types are rare diseases and we shared patient stories to help us raise the profile of limb deficiency for the day.

About Rare Disease Day

February 28, 2013 marked the sixth international Rare Disease Day coordinated by EURORDIS and organised with rare disease national alliances in 24 European countries.

On and around this day hundreds of patient organisations from more than 60 countries worldwide held awareness-raising activities converging around the slogan "Rare Disorders without Borders"

Activities took place across Europe, all the way to Russia, continuing to China and Japan, in the US and Canada, and as far as Australia and New Zealand!

Find out more about Rare Disease Day here

Rare Disease Day

European Limb Loss Day 2012

European Limb Loss day

2012 is the second year European Limb Loss Day was held, under the umbrella of the UN International Day for Persons With Disabilities.

Theme for 2012:

Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all. 

For people with limb loss, this may mean something quite different for people with other types of disabilities - for example access to suitable prosthetics, mobility and accessibility equipment; access to expert medical care; access to rehabilitation or to occupational or physical therapy

The day served as a rallying point for people living with a limb deficiency.

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