The Age of Aquarius is at Hand

Posted on Monday 1st June, 2015

Eagle-eyed visitors to DysNet may have noticed that there's a new banner at the top of each page - for Aquarius Hygiene's Porta-Bidet product.  We at EDRIC are very keen to get our hands on one of these devices because - if they work as they're supposed to - they will make a huge difference to people with limb difference who often find themselves away from home.  Here's the latest information about this exciting new product.

The question many of us are asking is, 'when can we have one?' The answer is still frustratingly elusive: Aquarius are expecting a batch of samples to arrive next week, so the initial production run won't be far behind.

If you want to have a look at one, up-close and personal, people in the UK can visit this year's Mobility Roadshow at Donington Park, June 25-27.

The advantage of the Porta-Bidet is that you can take it with you anywhere you go.  Whether you are at work or play, the Porta-Bidet means there are no more worries when traveling away from home.  The light, compact battery-operated product requires no specialist knowledge of plumbing and can be set up by anyone within seconds.

Geoff and Tobias from EDRIC saw the Porta-Bidet at the Naidex Show in Birmingham where they met the man behind the product and made a short video.

Occupational therapists who have seen it are extremely enthusiastic and say that it has potential uses across all age groups and impairments.

While Aquarius and its growing number of pre-order customers await delivery, there is good news on the compliance front: the Porta-Bidet has passed its CE testing, which means that it complies with all European standards and can be sold anywhere in the EU and EEA.

Visitors to our Dysmelia Experts' Forum Conference in Stockholm this autumn will get a chance to see the Porta-Bidet there; Aquarius have already said that they want to be one of the companies that exhibits at the event.

As soon as Aquarius lets us know that their products have started to ship, we will be sure to pass on the good news.

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