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Posted on Friday 26th June, 2015

We at EDRIC are very excited about the new portable bidet product from Aquarius Hygiene.  We managed to get our hands on one of the first units off the production line to give it a thorough road test.  We are looking forward to a mutually supportive relationship with Aquarius.

This product has been in development for some considerable time.  Our UK founding member, the Thalidomide Trust, assisted with its development as did the Trust's Volunteer Technology Advisory Group (VTAG).  Many UK thalidomide survivors have been eagerly awaiting delivery of their Porta-Bidet, and now it seems they won't have long to wait.

Aquarius Porta-Bidet

The Porta-Bidet has been tested by our Chairman, Geoff Adams-Spink, together with fellow Board members Monika Eisenberg-Geginat from Germany and Michaela Moik from Austria.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and moving pictures probably even more so.  The video clips below should therefore speak for themselves.

The first task was to unbox the Porta-Bidet to find out what was involved:

Installing the device is extremely easy, and takes less than a minute:

This is a product that is meant to be taken on the road or installed as a temporary solution to a user's hygiene needs.  While it can never replace large, fixed units like the Clos-O-Mat or Geberit, we all agree that it is likely to be an essential travel companion:

Moni and Michi have also provided German versions of their conclusions:

The company says that the Porta-Bidet will be in stock and ready to be dispatched from the 1st of August.  Its pre-order offer will last until July 10 only.  A payment of £195 (about €275) includes free UK delivery and free carry bag worth £25 (about €35).  After July 10, the price will be £225 (about €316) plus £10 UK delivery and the bag will cost an extra £25 (about €35).  The pre-order offer represents a saving of £65 (about €91).

Customers outside the UK should contact Aquarius by email (info@aquariushygiene.com) as the shipping costs will need to be calculated separately.

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