Felix Klieser - An amazing French Horn player born with Amelia

Posted on Wednesday 15th May, 2013

Felix Klieser, born in 1991, counts as one of the most hopeful young talents for one of the most difficult to champion musical instruments, the French horn.  Born with Amelia, he takes this already difficult instrument and increases the challenge by playing it with his feet.  To do this, he mounts his instrument onto a support specially made for him.  However, his only real concern is for his lips; "I produce the tune with my lips and mouth, if they get dry or swell a bit I am in trouble."

Felix started playing the French horn at the age of four.  At thirteen he was admitted to the Music Academy of Hanover, and has toured around the world with Germany's renowned Federal Youth Orchestra; won several acclaimed prizes and recently performed as a guest of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with Sir Simon Rattle.

His disability plays a very minor role in Felix's life.  On one occasion when asked directly about it he replied ironically: "A handstand for instance is something that I will not be able to achieve in my life." What he has achieved however is down to sheer hard work.  Eight hours of training a day is standard for him, and the quality of the performance is all that matters.  "Never ever has a conductor said to me: I am impressed you play without arms." Whether in the orchestra or during a casting the only thing that ever counts is how and not with which body parts people play.  Or with Felix Klieser's words "I am professionally not a an armless person.  I am a French horn player." Felix's Amelia does not stop him doing what he wants.  He plays his instrument, he drives his car and has no problems simply using his legs like arms.  He is an inspiration.

Enjoy the a clip of Felix playing.  Sit back and be amazed.

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