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Dysnet and our parent organisation, EDRIC, aim to improve access to information and knowledge about dysmelia (congenital limb difference) for everyone affected, personally or professionally, around the world.  As they say: knowledge is power.  Feeling like you have power to help yourself is the first step to overcoming the challenges of any disability.

The people involved with DysNet / EDRIC can offer comments on disability and limb difference issues within the EU and beyond or help you find a relevant source for your story.

Our EDRIC board members are experts in limb difference issues and can comment in English, German, Italian, French or Swedish

To contact EDRIC for media enquiries, please email our Media Manager, Laura Campbell, on or call +44 7882 038295.

To be added to our press contacts, please complete Complete the form.

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These images are free for media use within any news story about DysNet or EDRIC.  For other use, please [CONTACT].

Disclaimer regarding general images elsewhere on this site: Some of the images on this site are courtesy of the following people: Reach Charity UK; Sabine Becker; Jessica Cox; EDRIC.  They may not be re-used without prior permission from the original copyright holder.  Please contact us for more details about this.  Any unauthorised use is prohibited and a copyright violation.

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