21 - the legacy of the dinosaurs?

Posted on Tuesday 21st May, 2013

In the early 90s FfdN, the Swedish Thalidomide Society NGO, reflected about its heritage: what will we leave behind us, the day when we are as extinct as the dinosaurs? What's left when we're gone? For even if, hopefully, no more thalidomide babies will be born, there will always be people with similar birth defects - as well as amputees.

During our lifetime, thalidomiders have - consciously and unconsciously - built up an enormous bank of knowledge about how to manage our lives, both practically and psychologically, as people living with multiple limb deficiency.  This knowledge has been acquired by our members at great personal cost.  We also realized that future generations of people with limb deficiencies can derive tremendous benefit by drawing on our knowledge and experience, as well as learning from our mistakes.  From this, the idea of was born.

So, what is Tipbase?

Simply put, it's an online database - a database filled with our knowledge.  It's not just about assistive devices, but also about how to solve problems practically.  For example, how to adapt a car for a person with no arms; how to breastfeed your baby, how to open a jar of jam for your hungry children, how to organise your kitchen to reduce the risk of wearing out your body.  The list is almost endless...

For some years now, Tipbase has been online.  Each year we try to fill it with more knowledge, more resources, more smart tips.  But, we need your help! It is your experience, your solutions we want to manage and distribute.

All we need is a picture of the product or solution that you've found and a brief explanation of what you do and how you use it.  Please email your tips to

Many thanks for your contribution!

Getting dressed with the help of a chair
Getting dressed with the help of a chair.  Putting on clothes on the upper body that have buttons on the front can be made easier if an ordinary kitchen chair can be used like a clothes hanger.  The dresser gets into his clothes by wriggling into the cardigan.
Bath sponge with a long handle
Bath sponge with a long handle.  1.  The sponge is stuck to the handle which has a rougher surface on one side.  2.  Hairbrush with a long handle.  The brush is fixed onto the handle.  3.  Face-flannel on a long handle.  The flannel is fixed firmly to the handle.
smart clothes folder
To make your clothing cupboard perfect is almost impossible unless you've been trained to fold items in a certain way for several years or have worked in a clothing shop for half your life.  Fold shirts, blouses, trousers, and t-shirts with perfect results every time.  Use the smart clothes folder to have a perfectly tidy cupboard.  Garments are folded using this device which can easily be stowed away.
strap with which to close the rear door of the car
A useful strap with which to close the rear door of the car.  This person is a wheelchair user and gets in and out of her car through the rear door.  She opens the door, climbs into the car, lifts the chair in after her and then closes the door with the strap.


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