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Contribution of RAGGIUNGERE – Italian Association for people with limbs deficiency – for DYSNET

RAGGIUNGERE was born 34 years ago from the experience of REACH in Great Britain. Over the years our Association has significantly consolidated its presence on the domestic territory due to an increasing number of associates and thanks to the creation of a wide range of contacts in different segments focused on disability.

RAGGIUNGERE can rely today on a network of 15 regional representatives. Its activity is first of all based on proactive contacts with families to whom the most advanced solutions in respect of disability are offered. This is made possible thanks to virtuous relationships with the most advanced BioTechnology research centers, Universities, modern hospitals taking care of disabled people with the innovative approach, Courts in case of adoption or children custody, efficient orthopedic laboratories to grant the most efficient solutions to limb deficiency. 

The social side is considered vital as well. That is why RAGGIUNGERE over the years has created numerous events involving famous journalists, paralympic champions, actors, doctors, photographers, writers as well the world of high technology thanks to Ferrari Automobiles (see hereunder) every two years RAGGIUNGERE promotes an important meeting involving many disabled people who, after the conference, can “try” a Ferrari) with focus on disability mixing experiences and involving a huge quantity of people.

We believe in the value of these experiences. And we are convinced that any Association today member of DYSNET can tell important experiences which, starting from a domestic perimeter, can more easily switch problems into opportunities, by comparing laws, solutions, social way of life, making pressure on institutions where necessary, organizing social events of common interest to spread the positive side of disability.

RAGGIUNGERE took part as founding member of DYSNET to the first meeting held in Malmoe in 2007 believing in the value of putting together “individual” experiences in Europe. We think the idea launched at that time is still realistic and challenging. It’s our responsibility to empower and up-date it with the consciousness that disability is still waiting for answers which in most cases cannot be found only at domestic level.

DYSNET: we care, we share. Don’t we?




Eight years ago RAGGIUNGERE structured relationships with the “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa” headed by the University of Pisa. It is a BioRobotics unit based in Pontedera (Pi) where over 200 engineers

constitute one of the most efficent teams in the world in respect of research and innovation. Great success has been recently recorded thanks to the creation of the "bionic hand" implanted to a patient in a Swedish hospital. Engineer Christian Cirpiani, chief of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and responsible of the project, was host several times at Raggiungere’s events.  



RAGGIUNGERE maintains ordinary relationships with the major Italian hospitals, from Gaslini in Genoa to Meyer in Florence and has successfully experimented an innovative agreement with the Policlinico of Modena thanks to which, once a limb deficiency is diagnosed before a birth, a family is welcome for a 360 ° diagnosis aimed at putting in place the best care-path for the newborn. Exemplary model in Italy. Collaboration also consolidated with the San Paolo Hospital in Milan in the context of the DAMA-Disabled Advanced Medical Assistance project.


Relations with Courts: RAGGIUNGERE has established structured relationships in particular with the Court of Milan. Different families members of the Association have adopted or have in custody children with different types of disabilities. In various circumstances, Judges of the Court or Association representatives who deal with national and international adoption were guests of our conferences. Several conferences have also been organized in collaboration with the Association "Laboratorio Adolescenza" on cyberbullying and other topics with specific reference to disability.




  • Particular attention is paid to sport. Several contexts were organized with Paralympic Champions including Bebe Vio and Francesca Porcellato, Paralympic athletic champions. The interviews during the conferences were carried out by Claudio Arrigoni, journalist of the Corriere della Sera and sports commentator of the RAI Italian Radio Television for which he commented the last 6 editions of the Paralympic Olympics. Numerous young people from Reach who are now involved in sports, have already got remarkable success in competitions on an international level. Some of them will participate in the next 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

  • Extraordinary success has also been recorded for "FERRhabily" event organized by RAGGIUNGERE in synergy with the largest Ferrari Club in Italy and other associations focused on disability. Among the guests, stars from the world of sports. At the end of the event disabled people can “try” a Ferrari: exciting unforgettable moments of pure adrenaline!



  • Special attention is paid by RAGGIUNGERE to research and social. Among the conferences, the one held in Bologna in 2015 on the topic "Opportunità e abilità” an event about Opportunities and skills i..r.o. job placement for people with disabilities performed in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Region, the Trade Union and some of the most well-known professional companies related to the topic

  • The conference held in 2016 "3Diamoci una mano" at the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa was really successful in terms of participation: an exploration in the innovative world of 3D technologies in favor of disability organized RAGGIUNGERE in collaboration with the University of Pavia and the University of Genoa



  • Various are the commitments of RAGGIUNGERE with this respect. Conferences organized with Candido Cannavò Director of the Gazzetta dello Sport together with Simona Atzori, dancer born without upper limbs and writer already “star” on an opening evening at the Sanremo Festival.

  • Conferences organized also in collaboration with Scout groups and Emergency, an association that operates worldwide with particular reference to people wounded during war operations.

  • Other conferences include “AAA-Amore, Affetto, Amicizia cercasi” (Love, Friendship wanted) a path within the affective aspects of disability. 



Having identified an inadequate regulation for disabled access to Gardaland amusement park, the largest in Italy, a relationship was structured with the President of this park with whom after several inspections and meetings a new regulation was shared, providing more facilities which specially suit the need of disabled people and offer safer possibilities of access to numerous attractions. An accurate work on this led to a new booklet in various languages ​​distributed at the park entrance with appropriate instructions on how to use a larger quantity of attractions than in the past.



  • RAGGIUNGERE has published the book "Sempre avanti” (Always forward) by the well-known Dr. Romano Puricelli, a useful support for all families who live with limbs deficiency.

  • A quarterly publication is also regularly sent to all the associates

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