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  • Professor Janet McCredie

Radiologist Adjunct
Associate Professor of Surgery
Central Clinical School
University of Sydney
Author: "Beyond Thalidomide - Birth Defects Explained" pub Royal Society of Medicine - London 2007
Sydney, New South Wales


  • Dr Christian Clavier

Specialist in limb deficiency
Hôpital St Maurice

Dr Didier Pilliard
Specialist in limb deficiency
Clinique Jouvenet and Hôpital St Maurice




  • Harald Adam

Specialist in accessible buildings and architecture
FM Effect
Hamburg / Norderstedt

Stephan Brandt
Voice recognition developer and upper limb disability specialist

  • Dr.  Christina Ding-Greiner

Institute of Gerontology
Co-Author of "Thalidomide: Enquiries to be carried out repeatedly with regard to problems, specific needs and support deficits of Thalidomide victims" May 2012
University of Heidelberg



  • Dr Jürgen Graf

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Congenital Limb Damage Specialist)
High Tech-Center
Nord Nüremburg


  • Thomas Haensgen

Stiftung Barrierefrei Kommunizieren


  • Prof.  Dr.  Stefan Mundlos

Genetics and Human Genetics
Centre for Rare Diseases Charité Berlin
RG Development & Disease
Max Planck Institute Berlin


  • Prof.  Dr.  Klaus M.  Peters

Chefarzt Orthopädie

Professor Olaf Rieß
Geneticist Department of Medical Genetics
University of Tübingen


  • Dr.  Petra Brückner

Chief medical orthopaedy
Klinik Hoher Meißner
Bad Sooden-Allendorf


  • Dr.  Volker Stück

Chief orthopaedic department
Klinik Hoher Meißner
Bad Sooden-Allendorf


  • Dr.  Rudolf Beyer

Senior anaesthesia physician and pain management
Schön Klinik
Hamburg Eilbek



  • Peto clinic

Conductive education specialist centre



  • Alexander Businos

Senior Occupational Therapist
Spearheading the establishment of a centre of expertise in Ireland
Beaumont Hospital


  • Carmel Buckley

Planned CE
HSE (Cork/Kerry)



  • Centro Riabilitazione Casalino

Centre for Rehabilitation


  • Prof Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo

Professor of Paediatrics specialising in prevention of birth defects
ICBD - International Centre on Birth Defects and Prematurity


  • RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata

Centre specialising in lower limb prosthetics Budrio


  • Gilles Vannuscorps

Cognitive Neuroscientist
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMEC)

University of Trento/Harvard



  • Folkehelseinstituttet - medisinsk fødselsregister

Birth registry



  • Prim.  Priv.  Doz.  Dr.  Stephan Domayer

Orthopedic rehabilitation centre Skazicksee
St.  Andrä




  • Professor Anna Latos-Bielenska

Polish Registry of Congenital Malformations
Department of Medical Genetics
Poznan University

  • Romuald Schmidt

START Sports Association for the Disabled in Poland


  • Dra.  Marisa Cabrera

Pediatrician specialising in limb difference
Hospital de niños Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona
Barcelona, Catalunya


  • Dr.  Portell and Dr.  Ramírez

Collaborators with AVITE Catalunya aiming to increase specialist care for limb difference
Guttmann Institute



  • Ex Center -

  • Dr Shadi-Afarin Ghassemi Jahani, MD/ PhD ,is a senior consultant in orthopaedics surgery and lives in Gothenburg. Since 2019 Shadi is the owner of "Ortopedspecialisten SH”. She has written her doctoral dissertation on Thalidomide affected people in Sweden, 2016. Shadi is linked to EX-Center/Aktiv Ortopedteknik as an expert on Thalidomide issues and is working as a consultant at the EX-Center.

  • Dr Thomas Eisler, MD/ PhD, is a senior consultant in orthopaedics surgery at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. Since 2021 he is working as a consultant at the EX- Center/Aktiv Ortopedteknik.



  • Rhonda Curran

EUROCAT (European network of population-based registries for the epidemiologic surveillance of congenital anomalies)
University of Ulster


  • Professor Helen Dolk

EUROCAT (European network of population-based registries for the epidemiologic surveillance of congenital anomalies)
University of Ulster


  • Professor Oleg Eremin

Special Professor - Department of Surgery (Medical & Surgical Sciences)
University of Nottingham
Editor: "the Surgeon" - the Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland


  • Professor Rajiv Hanspal

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust


  • Dr Martin Johnson

Ergonomics, former director The Thalidomide Trust


  • Professor Bryan Manning

Visiting Professor of Compunetics
Business Psychology Centre
University of Westminster


  • Dr Joan Morris

Specialist in statistical methods in epidemiology
Queen Mary University


  • Dr Claus Newman

Consultant Clinician
Medical Adviser to The Thalidomide Trust


  • Professor Michael Rigby

Professor of Health Information Strategy
School of Public Policy and Professional Practice
Keele University


  • Dr Carl Shakespeare

Consultant Cardiologist
Director, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Institute
Chair, Telemedicine & eHealth Section, Royal Society of Medicine


  • Dr Martin Johnson

Clinical Champion for Chronic Pain
Royal College of General Practitioners


United States of America


  • Dr Charles Goldfarb, MD

Orthopaedic hand surgeon
Washington University, St Louis


  • Dr Allen Wenner

Family Physician
Leading expert in the development and implementation of electronic clinical questionnaires and patient oriented history taking Vice President, Primetime Medical Software, developers of "Instant Medical History"
Lexington, South Carolina

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