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CHEZ ASSEDEA IN PARIS – DysNet’s Chairman Claudio Pirola was invited to participate last May 7 to the meeting “La journée des familles 2022” organized in Paris by the French association Assedea

The event originally planned for last December 2021 and postponed to May due to the persistence of pandemic, took place “en présentiel” with the participation of about 100 families.

In the course of the event doctors, specialists, sports and orthopaedic representatives as well as a child with myoelectric prothesis exposed their contributions and experiences.

In his presentation (see enclosed) Pirola underlined the value of DysNet’s synergic approach vis-à-vis common problems and opportunities in a “Glocal” view to let the voice of each single association be louder in the EU contest.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Benoît Faure, Chairman of ASSEDEA and Claudio Pirola shared to strengthen the relationship between the two organisms in order to face more proactively the new challenges vis-à-vis disability submitting specific topics and plans at appropriate political level through the competent commissions in Europe.

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