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Presentation bionic hand - Thank you Prensilia!

Many thanks to Francesco Clemente, Engineer, Managing Director of #Prensilia who accepted our invitation to share his qualified knowledge focused on high technology during a video conference organized by the Board of DysNet on June 21, 2023. In the course of the meeting Mr. Clemente with the help of efficient slides and videos explained in particular the progress made by Prensilia in respect of the “bionic hand” showing in particular how “IH2 Azzurra and “MIA Hand”, two solutions among the most advanced in the world provided by his team, can support life of persons with limb difference or deficiency (birth defects of due to traumatic consequence). Prensilia is a company spun out from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (#Pisa, #Italy) by researchers of the ARTS Lab (Advanced Robotics and Technology Laboratory), with long experience in research and development of innovative robotic and biomedical devices. As emerged during the meeting, there is common will to consolidate a proactive relationship between Prensilia and DysNet for mutual interest. Many thanks again Francesco! It was a pleasure to meet you. The Board of DysNet

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