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#Thalidomide @60 We're still here!

On May 14th, 2022 #WSH On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, the #ThalidomideSociety celebrated a big, eventful event at the Heathrow Marriott Hotel. #Thalidomide @60 We're still here! A great and informative program covering many interesting and multifaceted stories surrounding Thalidomide and the survivors in the U.K.. The day started with a warm welcome from and by the great Chairman #GeoffSpink. The one and only #MatFraser led through the program.

The crew from the television series #CalltheMidwife gave a compelling presentation of their work on the film set and their preparations. But it also presented the important work of the Thalidomide Society by the wonderful #RuthBlue. It's about preserving and telling the stories of the survivors and their families, who could do that better than the survivors themselves. There is a great Thalidomide exhibition at the Science Museum presented by #SelinaHurley with a varied presentation that invites to participate. #ProfNeilVargesson Professor in Developmental Biology in the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen, UK. Showed a scientifically exciting presentation on the mechanisms of Thalidomide. Of course, Sir Harold Evan was also remembered that day. The Thalidomide Society has a new Patron, #BaronessJaneCampbell introduced by Geoff Spink. The event attracted worldwide attention. Thalidomide survivors around the globe zoomed in on the event from #America to #Australia. There were also guests from abroad in the hall. It's so important to celebrate life, but it's also important to remember with dignity those who have already left. This was achieved by the wonderful #SukeshiThakkar and #KathWest. The program was accompanied by the paintings of Kathryn Rennie's Thalidomide@50 exgebition. A film program all about films with and about Thalidomide also accompanied the day. In the evening we celebrated with a gala dinner, which was magical and rhymed. The specially dedicated photographer had his hands full and great souvenir pictures were taken. I will never forget the day and I would like to say thank you to so many great people who made the day happen. For DysNet Monika Eisenberg- Geginat

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